June 12, 2015
As it’s the final week of Public Television’s fund-raising drive, this weekend we are revisiting a program about changes in charitable giving. Two heads of leading philanthropies, Jed Bernstein of Lincoln Center and Jack Lund of the YMCA of Greater New York discuss how organizations are adapting to new societal needs and donor demands.

New this week. If perception is nine-tenths of reality then Wall Street has a problem. According to recent polls, just 21% of Americans view Wall Street favorably, while 33% have negative opinions. Are these feelings justified? That is the question we posed in this week’s EXTRA interview.
Our guest is Jason DeSena Trennert, Chairman of Strategas Research Partners and a 27 year Wall Street veteran of both major investment firms and independent ones. He is also the author of the just published MY SIDE OF THE STREET: Why Wolves, Flash Boys, Quants, and Masters of the Universe Don’t Represent the Real Wall Street. Continue Reading »


June 5, 2015
As it’s the pledge fund-raising season on public television, this week we are revisiting a show on an important topic – retirement. The good news is that Americans are living longer and spending more years in retirement than ever before. However, funding retirement is a fast approaching crisis. This weekend on WEALTHTRACK we have an exclusive interview with Financial Thought Leader and legendary investment consultant, Charles Ellis, who tackles America’s greatest domestic financial challenge in a new book, “Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What To Do About It”.

Plus, new this week, research from Morningstar shows that investors are driving fund expenses lower. According to their recent study, 95% of all flows over the past decade have gone into funds in the lowest-cost quintile. Needless to say passive funds have benefited the most. The entire fund industry is paying attention. Over the past five years, 63% of the fund share classes and exchange-traded products in Morningstar’s universe reduced their expense ratios. Only 21% increased their takes. Continue Reading »


May 29, 2015
As it’s fund-raising season on PBS, this weekend we are revisiting the program with legendary bond trader, Federal Reserve watcher and economist, Paul McCulley. McCulley, former PIMCO portfolio manager, weighs in on the health of the economy, stock and bond markets and the best course for investors.
New this week, we are providing you a link to some interesting global research. With stocks and bonds more expensive than they have been in 90% of market history even institutional investors are feeling conflicted about where to invest. According to a recent survey of global Chief Investment Officers, they are reluctantly increasing their allocation to stocks in order to get higher returns, even though they are worried about a major market correction. With the permission of State Street Global Advisors, the sponsor of the survey we are sharing the “Walking The Tightrope” survey report with you. Continue Reading »


May 22, 2015

A rare interview with great value investor and Warren Buffett student Tom Russo, who invests in iconic brand name companies for the long term. Which global businesses is he most enthused about now? Continue Reading »


May 15, 2015

One of the biggest financial stories of the past year was the dramatic decline in oil prices and every asset class connected to them. The drop did more than send prices of energy stocks and bonds tumbling. It also splintered OPEC. Energy analysts Gib Cooper and Chris Eades explain the positives for investors. Continue Reading »

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