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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

I don’t see books on the BOOKSHELF page or tab

Chances are your ad blocking extension installed on your browser is preventing the books to be displayed. Please disable (or pause) adblocking for the WEALTHTRACK site. Please see your extensions site for instructions.

Can I read show transcripts and how much do they cost?

As soon as a WEALTHTRACK transcript is prepared (this can take several weeks after a program first airs) we make it available to read on our website for free.  You can view a few free transcripts here.   WEALTHTRACK PREMIUM subscribers can download older transcripts on our site as well.  Additionally, all of our transcripts are available in downloadable PDF format for $4.99. These transcript PDF files are readable and printable on computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Finding a Specific Transcript

Every program of WEALTHTRACK has a corresponding page on our website.  That page contains all pertinent information about that program including the guests, a brief synopsis, and more.  On that program page you will find a tabbed box with a Transcripts tab, like this:

transcript-tabThat Transcript tab will contain a link to purchase the transcript in pdf format.  If the program's transcript is free it will have a link as well. If the transcript is no longer available for free it will have a link for PREMIUM Subscribers to read it.

If you know the date that the program first aired look for it here.  If you know the guest or the topic of the episode try searching in the "Discover More" box in the right column of this page.

How do I subscribe, or unsubscribe, from the weekly WEALTHTRACK newsletter?

To subscribe to the free weekly newsletter, click here. To unsubscribe:
  1. Find a recent newsletter in your email inbox
  2. Click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter.

How do I cancel my PREMIUM account?

Please log into your TinyPass* account here: https://dashboard.tinypass.com/ to manage your account subscription.

*TinyPass recently rebranded itself as "Piano." It's the same service.

How can I listen to WEALTHTRACK episode audio only?

There are two ways:
  1. Each episode has an audio only player located just under the video player. You can play the audio there, or choose the "download arrow  at the right end of the player to download the audio.
  2. Subscribe (free) to the audio only version podcast in iTunes, or any other podcast catcher. Details on on the PODCAST page.

How do I access the transcripts?

A few of most recent transcripts are available and free to read: https://wealthtrack.com/transcript/. There may not be any current free transcripts.
Alternately, if you're on an episode page, click the "Transcript" tab, and if the episode transcript is available free to read, there will be a link to lead you to the transcript.
As a  PREMIUM subscriber you also have access to ALL of our transcripts online.
  • Click on the "Transcript" tab on any episode to access the transcript. 
  • If you are prompted with a box with a blue ticket and $15 price tag you will need to log into tinypass.  Click on "Already Purchased?" and enter your email address and password.

  • For  PREMIUM subscribers WEALTHTRACK transcripts are available for individual download at $4.99 each. Information and a link to the episode transcript is available under the "Transcript" tab on the episode page.

    You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (Mac/Win) or Preview (Mac) to view and print the transcript. Tablets and smartphones have PDF viewers built in, so no need for additional applications.

    Transcripts are not available for content presented during PBS Pledge weeks. Transcripts are protected by copyright and cannot be redistributed or used without permission. Please inquire here.

Where can I find a closed caption version of WEALTHTRACK?

Captioned Episodes on Broadcast: All WEALTHTRACK episodes are closed captioned in English. Please check the instructions on your cable box, satellite tuner, or TV to access this option. Captioned Episodes Online: The past few seasons of WEALTHTRACK are closed captioned on WEALTHTRACKs YouTube channel. Some recent captioned episodes are found on the episode page on the WEALTHTRACK site. click on the closed caption, "CC"  icon in the lower left corder of the player. In addition, these captions can be translated into many non-English languages. After pressing the "CC" icon, choose "Translate Captions", then scroll down the list of dozens of languages. Keep in mind these are machine translations, and may not take into account the local vernacular.

How do I change my WEALTHTRACK PREMIUM login or password?

WEALTHTRACK is not able to update login and password information directly.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 6.54.09 PMTo update your password, login to your TinyPass* account dashboard at https://dashboard.tinypass.com/, choose "Account Settings" in the upper right of the page and follow the directions.


To update your email login, you will need to contact TinyPass* to manage that particular request. Reach them at support@tinypass.com, or log into your TinyPass* account and submit a support request.

*TinyPass recently rebranded itself as "Piano." It's the same service.

Can I watch WEALTHTRACK on my tablet or other mobile device?

Yes. The WEALTHTRACK site is mobile and tablet friendly. Just to navigate to https://www.wealthtrack.com and you're all set.

WEALTHTRACK PREMIUM  also works on mobile and tablet devices.

Like any video content, it's best to watch with your device connected to wi-fi. Watching WEALTHTRACK - like any other video content - via your data account will consume part of your data plan.

Are there translated versions of WEALTHTRACK available?

Yes! ¡Si! Oui!

The past few seasons of WEALTHTRACK are closed captioned on WEALTHTRACKs YouTube channel. These captions can be translated into many non-English languages. After pressing the "CC" icon, choose "Translate Captions", then scroll down the list of dozens of languages. Keep in mind these are machine translations, and may not take into account the local vernacular.


If you are unable to access WEALTHTRACK PREMIUM please consider the following:

  • Make sure you are using the correct login email address and password. These were sent to you from TinyPass* (the service WEALTHTRACK uses to manage subscribers) when you first accessed this site, or signed up for PREMIUM access.
  • Check to make sure your account is still current. Log into your personal TinyPass* account at https://dashboard.tinypass.com/  to update your subscription and credit card information. A common reason for your account not renewing automatically is your credit card has expired. Once updated, you'll have immediate access to PREMIUM.
  • If you forgot your password, use the prompts on the log in page to request another, or change, your password.
  • If you still can't log in, please contact TinyPass* customer service through your TinyPass* account, or via email at support@tinypass.com

Please note WEALTHTRACK does not directly control TinyPass* accounts. All technical and billing support is provided by TinyPass*.

*TinyPass recently rebranded itself as "Piano." It's the same service.



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