Where can I find a closed caption version of WEALTHTRACK?

July 1, 2013

Captioned Episodes on Broadcast: All WEALTHTRACK episodes are closed captioned in English. Please check the instructions on your cable box, satellite tuner, or TV to access this option.

Captioned Episodes Online: The past few seasons of WEALTHTRACK are closed captioned on WEALTHTRACKs YouTube channel. Some recent captioned episodes are found on the episode page on the WEALTHTRACK site. click on the closed caption, “CC”  icon in the lower left corder of the player.

In addition, these captions can be translated into many non-English languages. After pressing the “CC” icon, choose “Translate Captions“, then scroll down the list of dozens of languages. Keep in mind these are machine translations, and may not take into account the local vernacular.

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