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July 5, 2013

Whether you are male or female, everyone worries about running out of retirement savings.  Women worry about becoming bag ladies in their old age and men focus too much on performance numbers, which isn’t always the best way to plan for the future.  Our two guests on WEALTHTRACK this week, Mary Beth Franklin, part of our WEALTHTRACK brain trust and a contributing editor for InvestmentNews, and Erin Botsford, founder and CEO of the Botsford Group, will answer a lot of questions about retirement and why women are so different from men in their approach to planning for the so-called “Golden Years”.

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Women, Investing & Retirement, Part 2 Transcript 7/05/2013 #1002

July 5, 2013

CONSUELO MACK: This week on WealthTrack, plotting a course towards a secure retirement. Award winning financial advisor Erin Botsford and social security expert Mary Beth Franklin map out the strategies and products you’ll need to anchor your financial future, next on Consuelo Mack WealthTrack.   Hello and welcome to this edition of WealthTrack, I’m Consuelo Mack. Here’s a shocker. Almost half of American women fear becoming a bag lady someday! And even among the affluent- those are women in households with annual earnings of $200,000 plus- 27% fear living on the streets in their old age. Are these fears justified?

Erin Botsford (R) Transcript 8/24/12 #909

August 24, 2012

WEALTHTRACK Transcript #909- 8/24/12 CONSUELO MACK: This week on WEALTHTRACK, running the retirement marathon at your own pace without running out of money. Financial planner and author of The Big Retirement Risk, Erin Botsford, has a training strategy to make sure your investments match your lifestyle along the way, next on Consuelo Mack WEALTHTRACK. Hello and welcome to this edition of WEALTHTRACK. I’m Consuelo Mack. This week on WEALTHTRACK we are focusing on avoiding every retiree’s nightmare- running out of money in retirement- and achieving every retiree’s dream of having a comfortable retirement. For many Americans, the nightmare appears to

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