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Connor Browne Invested in Google and Facebook From the Beginning. What’s His View of the FAANGs Now?

March 16, 2018

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March 16, 2018
Public television’s spring fundraising drive is underway which means we’re revisiting with retirement expert Kristi Mitchem discussing why financial planning makes both millennials and baby boomers happier. You can watch the episode again here. For more about Millennials and their interest in socially responsible investing (SRI) read: The Power of the Millennial – by Christina Siegel, CFA, Miller Value Partners
Thornburg Value Fund’s Connor Browne was an early investor in Google and Facebook and at various points has owned Amazon and Netflix. What’s his view of these industry disruptors now? Will they continue to innovate and dominate? Browne brings us up to speed on the state of their market and technology evolution.

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