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August 22, 2014
As it’s the summer vacation season, we are re-airing a program that was of particular interest to our viewers.  It’s a WEALTHTRACK exclusive with two outstanding value investors – Wally Weitz of the Weitz Funds, and Tom Russo of Gardner Russo & Gardner, together on television for the first time.  

Financial Thought Leader and long-time exclusive WEALTHTRACK guest, Charles Ellis is a legend in the investment consulting business. The founder of Greenwich Associates has been advising public and private institutional investors for over 50 years on their money management firm choices. A few years ago he had what he described as an “aha” moment, the realization that passive investing had become superior to traditional active money management for a host of reasons. He lays out his rationale in “The Rise and Fall of Performance Investing,” recently published in the Financial Analysts Journal. He is sharing it with WEALTHTRACK. Continue Reading »

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