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CLEAN PROFITS Transcript 11/08/2013 #1020

November 19, 2013

CONSUELO MACK: This week on WealthTrack, a Financial Thought Leader in socially responsible investing explains why promoting women and water conservation can boost your portfolio’s bottom line. Calvert Investments’ powerhouse CEO, Barbara Krumsiek, is next on Consuelo Mack WealthTrack.


Hello and welcome to this edition of WealthTrack, which we are delighted to be taping once again at the Museum of American Finance in the heart of Wall Street. I’m Consuelo Mack. Over a year ago we did a two part series on socially responsible investing, a growing area of interest among governments, institutions and individuals around the world. It turns out the momentum towards SRI, now also known as sustainable and responsible investing, is building. The most recent comprehensive count done in 2012 showed that total SRI assets in the U.S. have reached nearly $4 trillion, a 22% increase since year end 2009. And a 486% jump since 1995 when the size of the U.S. sustainable and responsible investing market was first measured. Individuals and institutions interested in SRI-focused investing have many more choices. The number of mutual funds, ETFs and other pooled products that incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance criteria have exploded from 55 vehicles in 1995 to 720 by 2012 and their assets have grown from $12 billion to over one trillion.

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November 15, 2013

CONSUELO MACK: This week on WealthTrack, five-star Yacktman Fund manager Don Yacktman mines for bargains in the stock market. How is this Great Investor using tried and true methods to strike investment gold? Where he is digging is next on Consuelo Mack WealthTrack.


Hello and welcome to this edition of WealthTrack, I’m Consuelo Mack. We are taping this week’s program at the Museum of American Finance, a must visit destination in the heart of Wall Street. Some things never change. Recent WealthTrack guest, Gluskin Sheff’s influential economist and strategist David Rosenberg, has been getting flack for moving to a more bullish stance after years of warning about economic and market risks. He explained his shift in outlook to us, and The Wall Street Journal recently covered the back lash from some of his followers in its article titled “Top Bear’s Bullish Tilt Has Followers Growling.”

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November 8, 2013

Socially Responsible Investing is no longer a niche strategy. It’s gone mainstream as more companies, investment firms and investors pay attention to environmental, social and governance issues. And the belief that this approach means lagging performance has been proven wrong. SRI funds are now competing head on with traditional money management. This week’s guest is Barbara Krumsiek, the CEO of Calvert Investments Inc., a leader in SRI mutual funds and a Financial Thought leader in her own right. Continue Reading »


November 1, 2013

Donald Yacktman, President and Founder of Yacktman Asset Management runs two five-star funds. Both have beaten the markets and their peers by wide margins over the years.  This past Morningstar Stock Fund Manager of the Year explains while his approach to picking stocks has stayed the same, his current strategy is changing. Continue Reading »

Ben Inker: The Next Generation of Financial Gurus

April 19, 2013

A rare interview with next generation Financial Thought Leader Ben Inker, co-head of GMO’s asset allocation team. Inker explains why he is increasing GMO’s cash levels and treading very carefully in both the stock and bond markets.

WebEXTRA: Ben Inker – My First and Only Job
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