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April 30, 2013

wallstreet_sliderTop-rated international economist Nancy Lazar, the Street’s number one strategist, Francois Trahan and top–ranked Washington analysts, Andy Laperriere and Roberto Perli, have joined forces and formed a new macro economics, policy and strategy firm. (All have worked at legendary research firm, ISI Group which Lazar founded with Ed Hyman 32 years ago) Consuelo is sharing Cornerstone Macro’s first three research reports exclusively with our WEALTHTRACK friends.

Gold and the Markets – An Exclusive Conversation with Nick Sargen of Fort Washington Investment Advisors

April 29, 2013

The recent dramatic decline in the price of gold could have far reaching implications for global markets and investors.  In this exclusive WEALTHTRACK conversation Consuelo Mack asks veteran international  economist and global money manager,  Nick Sargen, the Chief Investment Officer at Fort Washington Investment Advisors for his assessment, covered in his recent report, Implications for Falling Gold and Commodity Prices [pdf]. Continue Reading »


April 26, 2013

Own both U.S. and international small caps

Many higher quality small cap stocks:

  • Dominate business niche
  • Conservatively run
  • Pay dividends


Royce: What Still Works

April 26, 2013

Chuck Royce of the Royce Funds, gives Consuelo a concise explanation to what still works after forty years of investing.

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April 26, 2013

An exclusive interview with small-company stock pioneer Charles “Chuck” Royce. The Royce Fund’s Great Investor shares his forty years of lessons learned in the markets, what’s changed and what still works for long-term investment success.

WebEXTRARoyce – What Still Works

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