Warren Buffett’s Evolution Into a Great Manager

July 31, 2021

Part 1 of 2
Warren Buffett, the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway is considered to be one of the greatest investors of all time. He has become an American icon dispensing investment wisdom and commentary over the years through his annual shareholder letters and meetings where he and his long-time business partner Charlie Munger answer questions for hours on end about a wide range of topics.
An industry has developed around Buffett of investment clubs, newsletters, and books mostly focused on his investment decisions.
However, there is another side to Buffett which has been deeply studied and researched by this week’s WEALTHTRACK guest… Buffett as a business manager worth emulating.
We’ll be joined by Lawrence Cunningham, whose official title is a Professor of Law at George Washington University, but over the years he has become an acknowledged authority on corporate governance, corporate culture, and corporate law. He teaches business-related courses that span these fields.
Cunningham has authored two dozen books, several on Buffett and his most famous in collaboration with him.His latest book is Quality Shareholders: How the Best Managers Attract and Keep Them.

He also writes a weekly column for Marketwatch, “Cunningham’s Quality Investing.”

One of the most interesting aspects of Cunningham’s work with and about Buffett is the revelation that there are really two Buffetts, one the great investor that we all know about, and two, his later evolution into a great manager. We’ll focus on what we can learn from Buffett, the manager in this week’s show.

WEALTHTRACK # 1805 broadcast on July 30, 2021

More Info: https://wealthtrack.com/great-investor-warren-buffetts-evolution-into-a-great-manager/

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America: https://amzn.to/3C1Pq2y

Quality Shareholders: How the Best Managers Attract and Keep Them: https://amzn.to/3ffix94

Berkshire Beyond Buffett: The Enduring Value of Values: https://amzn.to/3ijSVdf

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