August 21, 2015
It’s the final week of the summer fund-raising drive on Public Television, so we are revisiting some of our most popular programs. An estimated 95% of seniors pay too much for Medicare. Healthcare expert Katy Votava, president of and author of “Making the Most of Medicare” explains what you need to know to maximize those benefits and avoid overpaying. Watch the episode now.

Click here to download the report [2.2MB, .pdf]

Click here to download the report [2.2MB, .pdf]

Here’s a thought provoking finding: during the financial crisis and the post- crisis years, hedge funds run by women have significantly outperformed the broader market of hedge funds, the vast majority of which are run by men. This is one of the many fascinating facts found in a report “Addressing Gender Folklore” from the State Street Center of Applied Research. I’ve often wondered why women are still such a small minority among executives in the investment field, only 7% of money managers are women, and what difference if any having more women in positions of influence makes. State Street posed the questions and found some answers.

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