August 15, 2020

Did you know that RT (Russia Today), one of Vladimir Putin’s disinformation websites is one of the top two sources of news on YouTube, right up there with CNN? Or that Warren Buffett’s Geico was a leading advertiser on Sputnik News, another Kremlin propaganda site? Neither did I until my podcast interview with veteran journalists and media entrepreneurs Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, co-founders, and co-CEOs of NewsGuard the web rating service.

NewsGuard investigates thousands of websites for their accuracy, credibility, and transparency and gives them a “nutrition label” rating. A third of the 5000 sites they follow have earned their worst “Red” rating. The implications for individuals, businesses, advertising and tech giants like Facebook, Google, and its YouTube subsidiary among other tech firms are profound. This is a must-hear conversation.

Listen to the audio only version here:

[box type=”shadow”]It’s the start of the summer fund-raising season on Public Television so WEALTHTRACK might not be airing on your local channel. Consequently, we are revisiting some recent shows about what we are calling the Pandemic Pivot: the changes that have occurred or accelerated because of COVID-19 and the dramatic response to it, from economic shutdown to massive life support. Watch the episode here

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