March 7, 2014
[box type=”info”] In the second week of public television pledge drives, WEALTHTRACK is revisiting a topic that is always of interest: Overseas opportunities in global real estate.  Jason Wolf of Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund and  Gregg Fisher, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Gerstein Fisher, have different approaches to real estate investing but agree a vast majority of individual investors are missing out on a huge investment opportunity.Watch the episode here.

One of the biggest questions retirees have is how much money they can afford to take out of their next egg every year without running out.
Gerstein Fisher, the financial advisory firm of WEALTHTRACK guest, Gregg Fisher recently did some research on that question, especially the widely recommended 4% annual withdrawal rate. They agreed to share it with our audience.

Investment Strategy: What’s a Sustainable Portfolio Withdrawal Rate?. Click here to download a PDF

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