Economic Recovery: Massive Problems Ahead [2021]

June 20, 2021

How strong and lasting is the current rebound we are seeing in the economy? What about the resurgence in inflation? Those are major debates raging on Wall Street right now.

This week’s WEALTHTRACK guest is looking beyond the current rebound and focusing on what he sees as massive problems which will act as drags on recovery.
Robert Kessler, Founder, and CEO of Kessler Investment Advisors, a manager of fixed-income portfolios with a specialty in U.S. treasuries.
Even before COVID, Kessler has been warning about economic and stock market risk.
On the program this week, he will discuss why he believes those risks have been exacerbated and the market is in a danger zone.

WEALTHTRACK #1751 broadcast June 18, 2021

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