October 16, 2015

Women live longer than men, typically earn less over a lifetime and can expect to be solely responsible for their finances in their later years, yet many are uncomfortable doing so. What are the best strategies for women to overcome these challenges and fulfill their priorities? Evercore Wealth Management’s Jewelle Bickford explains how she empowers women clients to take charge of their financial futures.

WEALTHTRACK Episode #1217; Originally Broadcast on October 16, 2015

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Consuelo Mack

Since we launched WEALTHTRACK in 2005 our mission has been to help our audience build financial security to last a life time. It’s a gender neutral goal. However our surveys show that the majority of our viewers are men, which is why we started our series WEALTHTRACK WOMENa few years ago, to specifically reach women and address their financial needs and priorities, which it turns out differ from men’s in some significant ways.

Number one, women live longer than men. The vast majority can expect to be solely responsible for their finances in their later years. The average woman typically earns less than a man does over a lifetime. There are some much publicized pay disparities, but a major reason is that women work fewer years than men. Here’s where both priorities and necessity come into play. Women take more time off to raise a family or act as a caregiver, frequently for aging parents.

A recent Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies survey found that 28% of women work part-time, compared to only 14% of men, translating to a lower wage base for them and a lesser likelihood of access to important employee benefits such as health care and retirement plans.

Then there are the psychological challenges.  A Fidelity survey found 92% of women want to learn more about financial planning, but 80% confess they have refrained from discussing their finances with those they are close to because it’s too personal,  they don’t want to share the information, or it’s too uncomfortable.  Only 47% say they would be confident discussing money and investing with a financial professional.

This week’s guest, Jewelle Bickford is committed to overcoming that reluctance and empowering women to take charge of their financial lives. Bickford is Partner and Wealth Advisor with Evercore Wealth Management, where she focuses on family governance and private wealth education, with a special emphasis on women through her Wise Women series.

Prior to Evercore, she was a senior strategist with GenSpring Family Offices where she worked with high net worth families, again with a focus on women and wealth.
Before that she was the only female global partner at the investment banking firm Rothschild Group, where she was in charge of their global asset securitization business.
In the decades I have known Bickford she has always devoted substantial professional and personal time to helping women succeed.  In this week’s interview, she’ll explain why it is so crucial for women to manage their financial lives and how she advises clients to achieve that goal.

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American women control $8 trillion in assets, yet the traditional wealth management approach doesn’t necessarily work for women’s needs. In the first of our two part series on Women, Investing and Retirement, Consuelo speaks with Morgan Stanley’s award-winning financial advisor, Ami Forte, and GenSpring’s Senior Strategist, Jewelle Bickford on how women can start taking ownership of their financial power.



Evercore Wealth Management, Partner and Wealth Advisor Jewelle Bickford devotes much of her free time to supporting charitable organizations involved with helping women in developing countries. It’s a passion  that originated from her experiences as a child.

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