Find EXTRA information here to make you a more successful long-term investor.  Each week we add another nugget of financial information, whether it be proprietary research from our guests’ firms, lists of recommended stocks not mentioned on-air, or an audio-cast with WEALTHTRACK’s Brain Trust.   In addition, find segments of web- exclusive interviews that give insight into what makes our guests the best in the business.

  • ROBERT ARNOTT: Celestial Chase

    Rob Arnott

    What does Financial Thought Leader and portfolio manager Arnott do to unwind from his intensive schedule of research, investing and financial innovation? He describes his “geeky hobby.”


  • David Winters: Sweet Dreams

    David Winters

    Most of our Great Investors live and breathe investing, but David Winters takes it one step further he sometimes dreams about companies he is investing in! Right now, one company in particular is putting a smile on his face.




    Running the $90 billion Franklin Income Fund means carrying on a 65 year old tradition with a very specific mandate. Does Portfolio Manager Ed Perks feel the need to do anything different, for kicks, with his personal portfolio?


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