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May 30, 2014
When most of the country’s public television stations are running pledge weeks, we are revisiting Consuelo’s interview with a WEALTHTRACK Great Investor who made his name investing in small company stocks. Charlie Dreifus, the portfolio manager of the Royce Special Equity funds explains why he now favors large companies in today’s markets. Watch that episode here.

We tracked down Great Investor Charles Dreifus at the Munich airport for an update on his view of the stock market and large vs. small cap stocks in particular.
You might remember from previous WEALTHTRACK interviews that Dreifus, a Morningstar Domestic Stock Fund Manager of the Year has run the small and micro-cap focused Royce Special Equity Fund successfully for the last 16 years and that he convinced his boss, small-cap pioneer Chuck Royce to let him launch a large-cap focused fund, the Royce Special Equity Multi-Cap Fund in 2010.

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