June 7, 2013
Public television is still in the midst of pledge weeks and regular programming will be pre-empted in some markets. On this week’s broadcast we are revisiting one of our most popular programs of 2013 so far- a conversation with Financial Thought Leader and renowned Yale economist Robert Shiller. You can watch it again here.

Shiller, the creator of the CAPE ratio and S&P 500/ Case-Shiller Home Prices indices, predicted the bursting of the tech and housing bubbles, and now thinks the bond market is a dangerous place to be. You’ll want to listen again to Shiller’s assessment, as well as which market sectors he thinks have the most value.

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WEBEXTRA: Perspectives from a “Next Generation” Financial Thought Leader”

Leading up to this weeks broadcast program we have a number of archive episodes of WEALTHTRACK to share with you again.

Here’s a look back into the WEALTHTRACK Archives of episodes with Robert Shiller:
August 26, 2011
Financial Thought Leader and Yale economist Robert Shiller. He predicted the bursting of the tech and housing bubbles. What does this visionary behavioral economist, author and market innovator see in our future now?

April 17, 2010
Renowned Yale economist and “Financial Thought Leader” Robert Shiller tells Consuelo why he believes home prices could suffer a double dip and stock prices are not cheap.

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April 18, 2009
Dealing with the new market realities. Two giants of behavioral finance, Yale Professor and “Irrational Exuberance” author Robert Shiller and MIT professor and hedge fund manager Andrew Lo, discuss where the money will be made in the new financial landscape. Plus, top rated economist Nancy Lazar, of ISI Group fills us in on the outlook for global economies and markets.

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