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Jeff Applegate

November 2, 2012

Jeffrey Applegate, Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management, is also an avid history buff. The book he recommends to WEALTHTRACK takes us back to the early Middle Ages in England, a time of tumult and upheaval which Applegate says laid the found for the modern state and still has relevance today.

Andy Laperriere

October 31, 2012

Andy Laperriere leads I.S.I. Group’s Policy Research team which has been ranked number one by Institutional Invester Magazine for the last ten years. Andy who came to WEALTHTRACK to give us his thoughts on how the Presidential election will affect markets, also shared the title of one of his favorite election books which he discovered serendipitously on an airport layover.

A Conversation with Richard Sylla

October 19, 2012

Today we marked the 25th anniversary of the 1987 market crash. What’s changed in the 25 years since that fateful Black Monday? I asked financial historian Richard Sylla to give us some historical perspective on markets in crisis.

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