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Transcript: Tom Gallagher 11-16-12 #920

November 16, 2012

WEALTHTRACK Transcript #920- 11/9/12   CONSUELO MACK:  This week on WEALTHTRACK, setting your investment course for the next four years. What does the Obama win mean for the economy, your taxes, and your portfolio? A WEALTHTRACK exclusive with longtime number one ranked Washington analyst Tom Gallagher is next on Consuelo Mack WEALTHTRACK. Hello and welcome […]

Premium: John Bogle

November 14, 2012

Investment Legend, John Bogle Shares the Investment Lessons of a Lifetime.  This week, WEALTHTRACK Premium subscribers will be able to view Consuelo’s full interview with John C. Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, now the largest mutual fund company in the world and the creator of index funds, which account for 28% of all stock mutual […]

Tom Gallagher: Post Election Special

November 9, 2012

Post-election, a television exclusive with Wall Street’s long time number one ranked Washington analyst. The Scowcroft Group’s Tom Gallagher discusses what the election means for the economy and markets and how it affects your job, taxes and portfolio.


November 9, 2012

Personal financial objectives Tolerance for risk Investment time horizon Level of stock prices Watch this episode here.

Andy Laperriere & Jeff Applegate: Could The Election Be Any Closer?

November 2, 2012

With only a handful of days to go before the election, what’s at stake for investors? How big a deal would a second term for President Obama or a first term for President Romney be for the economy and the markets? Top rated Washington analyst, Andy Laperriere and Morgan Stanley’s global Chief Investment Officer, Jeffrey […]

Jeff Applegate

November 2, 2012

Jeffrey Applegate, Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management, is also an avid history buff. The book he recommends to WEALTHTRACK takes us back to the early Middle Ages in England, a time of tumult and upheaval which Applegate says laid the found for the modern state and still has relevance today.


November 2, 2012

Watch this episode here.

Transcript: LaPerriere & Applegate 11-02-12 #919

November 2, 2012

WEALTHTRACK Transcript #919- 11/02/12   CONSUELO MACK:  This week on WEALTHTRACK, it’s too close to call! President Obama and Governor Romney are neck and neck as they race toward Tuesday’s finish line. What’s at stake for the economy and the markets? Answers from ISI’s top Washington analyst Andy Laperriere and Morgan Stanley’s global strategist Jeff […]

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