December 23, 2015
During this holiday weekend, on broadcast TV, we take a look back at transforming the world themes. You can watch this episode here.
New this week: It’s a new world of investing for sustainable investing. Younger generations around the world want to both make money and make a difference in the world. The issue is addressed in Morningstar magazine’s “Spotlight.”


July 15, 2015

Successful Retirement

When you retire and how you invest can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and a disastrous one.  How do we go the distance in retirement without running out of money?  Award winning personal finance experts, Macro Consulting Group’s Mark Cortazzo and InvestmentNews’ Mary Beth Franklin share their strategies for retirement success.


August 6, 2014
As it’s the summer fund raising season on public television, this week we are revisiting an interview with two top personal finance journalists, both now at The Wall Street Journal. Jonathan Clements and Jason Zweig tackle the three greatest financial challenges facing Americans. Watch the episode here.
New this week, we are sharing some interesting research on retirement saving. It’s from a recent T. Rowe Price survey, and they learned that recent retirees with 401 (k)s feel on track to meeting their financial goals. Some of their key findings are the that retirees are living on less – on average, around 66% of their pre-retirement income. However, nearly 60% report that are living as well or better than when they were working, and almost 90% are reasonably satisfied with retirement so far. Most think that are better off compared with how their parents fared in retirement.


August 15, 20130 Comments

Global Investment Trends and Strategies

In recent years, having a home bias has paid off for investors- American stock markets have outperformed other developed markets and trounced the losses in many emerging markets- but will it continue to do so? Two global investment pros, David Darst of Morgan Stanley and Peter Langerman of the Mutual Global Discovery Fund, will discuss where you can find the highest quality businesses at bargain basement prices.

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