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August 15, 20130 Comments

Global Investment Trends and Strategies

In recent years, having a home bias has paid off for investors- American stock markets have outperformed other developed markets and trounced the losses in many emerging markets- but will it continue to do so? Two global investment pros, David Darst of Morgan Stanley and Peter Langerman of the Mutual Global Discovery Fund, will discuss where you can find the highest quality businesses at bargain basement prices.

PREMIUM: In Mutual Funds, is Active vs. Passive the Right Question?

August 8, 20130 Comments

wt1007_tugAre you better off with an active or passive investment strategy? That was one of the our most popular WEALTHTRACK topics this summer. Independent wealth management firm, Gerstein Fisher has done some research on the subject and found there are several determining factors, including investor behavior! They are sharing the results with us.

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August 1, 20130 Comments

A Discussion With A Wall Street Journal Columnist

“There’s no doubt that the pursuit of yield is bordering on a mania” says Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal‘s Personal Finance Columnist. Don’t miss Consuelo’s discussion when she asks Zweig about dangerous investor behavior and why he is concerned as investors are abandoning bonds and flocking to dividend-paying stocks.

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July 25, 2013

The New Retirement Conversation

What is the next big thing in investing?  Think baby boomers and their retirement: 71 million Americans born between 1946 and 1954 will switch gears from the accumulation phase of their investing lives to the distribution phase to fund their retirement.  What is their biggest need? Income to last a lifetime. With the demise of the defined benefit plan or old fashioned pension fund, where are they going to find that holy grail? 


July 18, 20130 Comments

First Class Merchandise at Bargain Prices!

Emerging markets have substantially underperformed the U.S. stock market over the last two years. There is one area however where emerging markets, particularly those in Asia, South America and China continue to shine: demand for luxury goods. Bain & Company reports that the so called “HENRYs” (High Earnings, Not Rich Yet) consumers in those markets are becoming a “new baby boom sized generation” for luxury goods. That is the sweet spot for this week’s Great Investor guest, David Winters. Winters is the Portfolio Manager of the value-oriented Wintergreen Fund which he founded in 2005. Since inception this go anywhere, invest in anything fund has outperformed the market and its mutual fund category.

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