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December 23, 2014

2014’s Best Calls

Who got the economy and markets right in 2014? We introduce the economist, strategist and portfolio managers who hit home runs on WEALTHTRACK this year.


December 18, 2014

Volatile Opportunities

We discuss volatility and opportunity in three major emerging markets. Despite the recent sell off in Russia, other oil exporting countries and emerging markets in general, the standard investment view has been that three of the BRICs – China, India and Brazil – are just too big and consequential to be ignored. This week’s guests concur. Kenneth Lowe, Portfolio Manager of the Matthews Asia Focus fund and the Matthews Asian Growth and Income fund, and David Nadel, Director of International Research for Royce & Associates and Portfolio Manager of several funds, including the Royce International Smaller-Companies fund, will discuss the opportunities they are seeing in Brazil, China and India.


December 10, 2014

Patient Investing

A next generation “Great Investor,” First Eagle Global Fund’s Matthew McLennan. First Eagle is known for its value-oriented, margin of safety approach and making preservation of capital its first investment goal. McLennan assumed the role of Portfolio Manager of the First Eagle Global Fund in late 2008 from investment legend, Jean-Marie Eveillard. The now $50 billion plus fund is rated four-star by Morningstar. Over the last five years, with McLennan on board, it is ranked in the top ten percent of its world allocation category. McLennan explains why he is currently finding markets around the world expensive, and why “patience” is his best investment idea.


December 4, 2014

The Wall Street Journal’s must read personal finance columnist, Jonathan Clements has distilled twenty-five years of experience into one, soon to be published e-book and hard cover. His Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015 will be finished and ready to go at the stroke of midnight on December 31st. There is much to celebrate.


November 26, 2014

As it’s the fund-raising season on public television, we are re-airing a show about a hot investment area – alternative investments. Alternatives such as hedge funds, now come in a liquid mutual fund form so they can be bought and sold daily on an exchange. They are regulated and transparent, so you know what they own – and the fees are considerably less than hedge funds. Most are available to average individual investors. These Liquid Alternative funds have taken off – their assets have increased ten fold since 2005. Lipper’s Robert Jenkins and Altegris Advisors’ Lara Magnusen discuss the risks and rewards of alternative investments. You can watch the episode here.

Also this weekend, a web exclusive. Brothers Tom and David Gardner, Co-Founders of The Motley Fool, the largest online investment advisory service in the world are always on the lookout for exceptional companies to invest in for the long-term. But every once in a while a new technology comes along, with so much potential, that it’s hard to determine who the ultimate winners and losers will be. In that case, the “Fools” take a diversified portfolio approach, investing in several companies involved. I asked CEO and “Head Fool,” Tom Gardner about the business they are calling the “next industrial revolution”: 3D printing.

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