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October 31, 20130 Comments

A Great Investor Turns More Conservative

Donald Yacktman, President and Founder of Yacktman Asset Management runs two five-star funds. Both have beaten the markets and their peers by wide margins over the years.  This past Morningstar Stock Fund Manager of the Year explains while his approach to picking stocks has stayed the same, his current strategy is changing.


October 24, 20130 Comments

They Just Don’t Get It!

That’s the view of  legendary deep value investor Martin Whitman, Founder and Chairman of Third Avenue Management. In this exclusive interview taped at the Museum of American Finance, Whitman takes on Congressional and Wall Street ignorance about debt, credit worthiness, and earnings. Whitman will also discuss his long term mantra, to buy “safe and cheap” stocks, and his four elements to getting growth at dirt cheap prices.


October 17, 20130 Comments

Leverage. Derivatives. Shorting.

The three “dirty words” of finance, according to this week’s guest, became a regular part of our vocabulary after the 2008 financial crisis, but how can investors get back to “clean” investing principles? Our Financial Thought Leader this week is Cliff Asness, Managing and Founding Principal of AQR Capital Management, a global investment management firm which runs hedge funds, mutual funds, and a diversified collection of investment strategies. In this rare interview, he’ll discuss the three legs of his “investment stool” and the tools we can use to diversify our portfolios.


October 10, 20130 Comments

Seismic Investment Shift

Financial Thought Leader David Rosenberg is predicting a generational investment shift. The influential Chief Economist and Strategist at Toronto-based wealth management firm Gluskin Sheff recently reversed course on his long standing deflation and bullish bond theme. He believes Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s fight against deflation is working and that we are already seeing signs of inflation emerging and the economy strengthening beyond what most on Wall Street expect.  He explains his new call and why investors should be making some proactive changes to their portfolios now.


October 3, 20130 Comments

A Great Investor Exclusive!

Great Investor Richie Freeman has co-managed the ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Fund since its inception 30 years ago. Twice nominated for Morningstar’s Domestic Fund Manager of the Year award, Freeman has been fascinated by the stock market since the age of 13, when he started watching the ticker at a local brokerage firm after school.  His admitted obsession with stocks has paid off. ClearBridge Aggressive Growth has delivered market and peer beating results over the decades and is now ranked in the top percentiles for the last one, three and five year periods. In this WEALTHTRACK exclusive, Freeman describes his unusual highly concentrated, low turnover approach to investing. 

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