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One of the best things about my job is it is a continuous learning curve. Every week I interview some of the smartest and most successful professionals in the investment business and share them with you. All of them are readers. Not surprisingly some of them are authors. The WEALTHTRACK team has put together a list of books we and they think might be of interest to you. Some are classics, some are new, some are entertaining, all are thought provoking and help make us better investors. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have and still do.

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A long-time WEALTHTRACK friend and avid amateur investor, Christian Solberg, Director at management consulting firm BTS, calls this book on human decision-making and behavioral economics “one of the most important books that any person will ever read.” He says “It will make you completely re-think how you make decisions across every facet of your life.”

A groundbreaking book that elucidates widely misunderstood differences between introverts and extroverts. WEALTHTRACK friend Christian Solberg of BTS believes it will help each of us understand the key role physiology plays in how we act and how we can become better investors.
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(Revised edition updated with new commentary by WEALTHTRACK guest Jason Zweig)
Former Graham student, Warren Buffett calls this stock market guide “by far the best book on investing ever written”.
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An instant classic when first published more than thirty years ago the latest revision is just as relevant, translating the ground breaking insights of modern finance theory into plain English.
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WEALTHTRACK guest Charley Ellis has taken his years of experience as a top institutional investor consultant to the pros and put it in this book to help the rest of us reach our financial goals. Strongly recommended by WEALTHTRACK guests Bill Miller and Peter Bernstein as well.
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WEALTHTRACK guest Bernstein’s fascinating account of how the concept of risk evolved from the ancient Greeks to the Renaissance to modern day Wall Street could not be more pertinent today. How could the financial industry’s risk “management” go so terribly wrong in the 21st century? The roots of today’s financial disasters and successes are found in this beautifully written history.
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Another “I can’t believe it’s happening again” read. Like a true classic, this book is both timely and timeless, according to a favorite WEALTHTRACK guest, Financial Historian Richard Sylla of NYU.
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Author and WEALTHTRACK guest Justin Fox analyzes what went wrong with the guiding economic theory of the 20th and 21st century and how it’s shaped our investing behavior.
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Author and past WEALTHTRACK guest Justin Fox analyzes what went wrong with the guiding economic theory of the 20th and 21st century and how it’s shaped our investing behavior.


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One of the best books ever written about investing, according to legendary money manager Bill Miller. It’s about the first “rocket scientist” investors who turned mathematical theories into major fortunes.
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WEALTHTRACK guest and former hedge fund manager Bookstaber provides an insider’s scholarly look at how Wall Street became a much riskier place. Blame complex derivatives and the global nature of the financial markets.
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