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November 28, 2014

As it’s the fund-raising season on public television, we are re-airing a show about a hot investment area – alternative investments. Alternatives such as hedge funds, now come in a liquid mutual fund form so they can be bought and sold daily on an exchange. They are regulated and transparent, so you know what they own – and the fees are considerably less than hedge funds. Most are available to average individual investors. These Liquid Alternative funds have taken off – their assets have increased ten fold since 2005. Lipper’s Robert Jenkins and Altegris Advisors’ Lara Magnusen discuss the risks and rewards of alternative investments. You can watch the episode here.

Also this weekend, a web exclusive. Brothers Tom and David Gardner, Co-Founders of The Motley Fool, the largest online investment advisory service in the world are always on the lookout for exceptional companies to invest in for the long-term. But every once in a while a new technology comes along, with so much potential, that it’s hard to determine who the ultimate winners and losers will be. In that case, the “Fools” take a diversified portfolio approach, investing in several companies involved. I asked CEO and “Head Fool,” Tom Gardner about the business they are calling the “next industrial revolution”: 3D printing. Continue Reading »


November 21, 2014

It is winter fund raising season on public television which means that WEALTHTRACK might be pre-empted on your local television station.

We are revisiting an exclusive interview we had with the Fairholme Fund’s Bruce Berkowitz this fall. Berkowitz is a Great Investor who always generates a great deal of interest and controversy because of his deep value and extremely “concentrated” investment approach. This time was no exception! The week after the interview a Federal Court judge dismissed a lawsuit Fairholme and others had filed against the U.S. Treasury Department over its 2012 decision to take all of the profits generated by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fairholme has a big position in both. In a message to shareholders Berkowitz said we “strongly disagree with the court’s conclusions,…and will continue to pursue our legal rights”…including continuing another lawsuit to obtain “just compensation” for minority shareholders. Continue Reading »

Greenblatt: Strategy Change

November 15, 2014

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November 14, 2014

Watch the related WEALTHTRACK episode.


November 14, 2014

In 1995, after ten years of running the extremely concentrated hedge fund, Gotham Capital, Great Investor Joel Greenblatt and his co-manager decided to give the money back to outside investors and take it private. In addition to continuing to run the fund, what else did Greenblatt do with his time? As it turns out, plenty!

Watch the related WEALTHTRACK episode.

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