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Andy Laperriere

October 31, 2012

Andy Laperriere leads I.S.I. Group’s Policy Research team which has been ranked number one by Institutional Invester Magazine for the last ten years. Andy who came to WEALTHTRACK to give us his thoughts on how the Presidential election will affect markets, also shared the title of one of his favorite election books which he discovered serendipitously on an airport layover.


October 26, 2012

Morningstar recommends: For a more passive approach- Vanguard Emerging Markets ETF (VWO)
VWO Chart

VWO data by YCharts

For a more active approach- American Funds New World Fund (NEWFX)

Watch this episode here.


October 26, 2012

“Price matters!” Pay too much for the stock of even the greatest company and you can lose money. That’s what Great Investor Bruce Berkowitz, portfolio manager of The Fairholme Fund told WEALTHTRACK recently. This week’s guests couldn’t agree more. They are searching far and wide for the best bargains. They are finding them, not in the U.S. but overseas. Andrew Foster is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Seafarer Capital Partners which focuses on companies in emerging markets. David Nadel is the Director of International Research for Royce & Associates where he concentrates on smaller companies. Continue Reading »

A Conversation with Richard Sylla

October 19, 2012

Today we marked the 25th anniversary of the 1987 market crash. What’s changed in the 25 years since that fateful Black Monday? I asked financial historian Richard Sylla to give us some historical perspective on markets in crisis.

Steven Romick: Great Investor, Steven Romick, comments on the ’87 Market Crash

October 19, 2012

A rare interview with Great Investor, Steven Romick of FPA Crescent Fund. Romick describes how he is keeping his five-star rated fund on top by balancing the forces of inflation and deflation and continuing his contrarian, value-oriented strategies. Continue Reading »

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