September 19, 2014

Worried about the stock and bond markets? Are alternative investments the solution? Alternatives, such as hedge funds now come in a liquid mutual fund form so they can be bought and sold daily on an exchange. They are regulated and transparent, so you know what they own – and the fees are considerably less than hedge funds. Most are available to average individual investors. These Liquid Alternative funds have taken off – their assets have increased ten fold since 2005. Lipper’s Robert Jenkins and Altegris Advisors’ Lara Magnusen discuss the risks and rewards of alternative investments. Continue Reading »

Darst & Kaplan: Portfolio Changes

September 12, 2014

With the stock market trading near record highs should investors adjust their portfolios? David Darst and Jay Kaplan say yes! Darst is an independent investment consultant and Senior Advisor and member of the Global Investment Committee at Morgan Stanley. He is also the author of 11 books, including two on mastering the art of asset allocation. Kaplan is portfolio manager of several funds run by small cap pioneer, The Royce Funds, which is known for its value orientation and high quality company focus. We’ll get their personal perspectives on market valuations. Continue Reading »


September 5, 2014

Can investing be a lucrative game? Brothers David and Tom Gardner founded the online investment advisory service, The Motley Fool, in 1993 to help people become better investors while having fun doing it. 20 years later their Stock Advisor growth and value portfolios have beaten the market by a wide margin.
We’ll talk with “Head Fool”, Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Gardner, about their unusual approach and impressive track record. Continue Reading »


August 29, 2014

Great bond investor Kathleen Gaffney says it’s been the quietest summer bond market in her 20 plus years of managing fixed income funds. Is this the proverbial calm before the storm? Have years of low interest rates lulled investors into another false sense of security? Gaffney, Portfolio Manager of the Eaton Vance Bond Fund, is concerned about risks in the bond world and has adjusted her portfolios accordingly. She’ll explain why she thinks bonds are fraught with risk and why stocks and cash are now a big part of her portfolios.
Continue Reading »


August 22, 2014
As it’s the summer vacation season, we are re-airing a program that was of particular interest to our viewers.  It’s a WEALTHTRACK exclusive with two outstanding value investors – Wally Weitz of the Weitz Funds, and Tom Russo of Gardner Russo & Gardner, together on television for the first time.  

Financial Thought Leader and long-time exclusive WEALTHTRACK guest, Charles Ellis is a legend in the investment consulting business. The founder of Greenwich Associates has been advising public and private institutional investors for over 50 years on their money management firm choices. A few years ago he had what he described as an “aha” moment, the realization that passive investing had become superior to traditional active money management for a host of reasons. He lays out his rationale in “The Rise and Fall of Performance Investing,” recently published in the Financial Analysts Journal. He is sharing it with WEALTHTRACK. Continue Reading »

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