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What’s Developing: Investing in Emerging Markets

June 6, 2013

whats-developing-investing-in-emerging-markets-apr-1This week’s WEALTHTRACK PREMIUM: exploring the breadth and depth of investing in emerging markets. The possibilities and perils found in these fast growing diverse markets have been a constant theme on WEALTHTRACK over the years. The BlackRock Investment Institute recently published a fascinating report about how far EM economies and markets have come and where the investment opportunities and traps currently lie. We are delighted to be able to share it with you.

Premium: A Conversation with David Darst

May 30, 2013

Is the stock market overvalued? Is the Fed about to change course? Are investors too optimistic? What place if any should gold have in your portfolio? Those are some of the questions Consuelo will ask Morgan Stanley’s David Darst in a wide ranging podcast interview this week. Darst, the Chief Investment Strategist at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is a Financial Thought Leader, acknowledged expert on asset allocation and prolific author of investment books and research. He will share some of his most recent pieces with us on WEB EXTRA including “The Cyclical and Secular Outlook for Gold”.


May 23, 2013

Award Winning Managers, Contrasting Strategies

Epoch Investment Partners’  Bill Priest searches for yield in a wide universe; Brown Brothers Harriman’s Tim Hartch keeps a narrow focus. Find out where these two global investors with world class track records discuss where they are seeing opportunities now.

Premium: Robert Kleinschmidt

May 14, 2013

Wall Street “Trouble Maker”

Robert Kleinschmidt, long-time Portfolio Manager of the Tocqueville Fund and a well-known contrarian on Wall Street. He was bullish on stocks when every one was calling for the death of equities. He pooh poohed the effect the election and the fiscal cliff would have on the market. Now he has a very contrarian view of the Fed’s unprecedented policy to keep interest rates low.


May 9, 2013


Why not all dividends are created equal.   Robert Shearer, lead portfolio manager for BlackRock’s Equity Dividend Fund explains why some dividends are better than others and where he is finding the best in growth and income.

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