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Premium: Ben Inker: The Next Generation of Financial Gurus

April 17, 2013

Every week on WEALTHTRACK Consuelo asks our guests what would be their recommendation for the One Investment for a long-term diversified portfolio. Ben Inker, co-head of GMO Asset Allocation Team and a protege of the legendary fund manager, Jeremy Grantham, and our guest coming up this weekend, recommends that a good place find solid stocks is to choose one with a rating of “A” and higher from the list of S & P 100 U.S. companies For our subscribers this week, we have taken this recommendation one step farther and have identified the 59 companies that are

Premium: Ken Heebner

April 10, 2013

On this week’s WEALTHTRACK Premium, we talk to none other than legendary contrarian stock picker Ken Heebner, the co-founder of Capital Growth Management.  In this excerpt from this interview, Heebner explains why he has a positive outlook on the U.S. banking industry.

Premium: Harold Evensky

April 3, 2013

Afraid of Outliving Your Retirement Savings?

You are not alone! Recently we learned some distressing news about the state of retirement finances from the acknowledged experts in the field, the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

EBRI, as it is called, released its 23rd annual “Retirement Confidence Survey” which gauges the views and attitudes of both working-age and retired Americans. Even with the economy improving, the state of retirement planning and preparedness has not. The percentage of workers confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement is essentially unchanged from the record lows of 2011. One of EBRI’s most shocking findings was the lack of even a short-term financial cushion for many. Only 50% of workers and 52% of retirees say they could definitely come up with $2,000 if an unexpected need arose within the next month.

On this week’s WEALTHTRACK we talk about a strategy to make your retirement portfolio last with one of the most respected financial planners in the country. We have a rare interview with Harold Evensky, President of the fee-only financial advisory firm, Evensky & Katz. Evensky has been recognized as a top financial advisor by numerous publications, held leadership positions on many professional financial industry boards, writes financial columns and papers and is the author of several books including Wealth Management.

Premium: Robert Shiller

March 27, 2013

Expert on Market Bubbles Weighs in on Housing, Stocks and Bonds

For Premium this week we bring you no other than the man who predicted the housing and tech bubbles months before they burst and who has created the indexes the pros use to measure the housing and stock markets. Remember the term “Irrational Exuberance”? Well, that’s the title of the best-selling book by our guest, renowned economist and financial innovator, Robert Shiller.

Premium: Mark Headley

March 20, 2013

Asian Giants at a Turning Point?

China, which was struggling to fend off an economic hard landing just last year, has recovered. Japan, which has been stuck in a twenty-plus year trap of deflation and stagnant growth has a new Prime Minister who is determined to stimulate inflation and growth. Both nations have seen their stock markets rally in recent months after an extended period of underperformance for China and several decades of terrible performance for Japan. On WEALTHTRACK Premium this week we are exploring the investment potential in China and Japan with a true Asian market pro.

Mark Headley is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Matthews International Capital Management and a Portfolio Manager of the firm’s Pacific Tiger strategy, which includes Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund which Headley ran successfully for over a decade. Both he and Matthews are pioneers in Asian investing, Matthews as a mutual fund firm and Mark as a portfolio manager.

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