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August 11, 2017
It’s currently pledge season on Public Television, so WEALTHTRACK might not be airing on your local channel. Consequently, we are revisiting some recent interviews that have been of great interest to our viewers. A rare interview with Great Investor and Morningstar’s 2016 Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Year, David Wallack. You can watch it again here.
NEW THIS WEEK: With geopolitical tensions rising gold has been advancing as well, assuming its traditional role as a hedge against disaster. But Tocqueville Gold Fund’s (TGLDX) Senior Portfolio Manager, John Hathaway writes there is a compelling fundamental case to be made for bullion’s strength and select gold company stocks, which we believe is worth reading.
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August 4, 2017
During this first of several public broadcasting pledge weeks we are revisiting two retirement income specialists, Professor Jamie Hopkins and Financial Advisor, Steven Earhart shows us how to create our own paycheck in retirement. Watch this episode again here.

NEW THIS WEEK: Slide rules, paper stock tickers, “brackets on which to rest one’s lit cigar?” Those were all features of life on Wall Street fifty years ago. During this week’s fund raising drive on public television, we are sharing those reminiscences and others from Financial Thought Leader, historian, and journalist James Grant, Editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. You can find his autobiographical essay, recently published in his newsletter and if you are interested, there is information on subscribing to it yourself. Continue Reading »

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